The first month of The Nifty Box promised to deliver 6-8 drops for Stars and Kings, but members ended up enjoying between 18-25 drops! Here’s a summary of what dropped in October 2020.

NOTE: There are many variations and animated versions. Only static images are displayed here to keep page load down. To find any of these in their natural habitat, search for them by name on

10/1/2020 – Blockchain Heroes Battleforged characters

Genesis, Coin Commando and Renegade made appearances in the new Battleforged variation. Stars received one of the three in Epic static variation and Kings received one of the three in Legendary animated variation.

10/3/2020 – exclusive sticker

Both Stars and Kings received an exclusive random drop of a GoPepe “Froggy the Bear” sticker. This sticker was not made available anywhere else!

10/6/2020 – WiNFTs original art

Travis Wrights’ “Tour de Eiffel” design was dropped in two variations.

10/7/2020 – Alien Worlds promo pack

Every member received an promo pack featuring a random card from the game set and some trillium, the in-game currency. One member discovered a Mythical card in his pack!

10/8/2020 – Blockchain Heroes “The Collector”

Everyone received random drops of the first Blockchain Villain card, The Collector, in Common, Uncommon, Rare or Sticker variation.

10/12/2020 – Uplift Art original music video

Artist and musician, mBlu, provided an exclusive music video to all members. The video titled “Reimagine” was inspired by John Lennon’s classic song, and delivered in two variations for Stars and Kings.

10/14/2020 – Dingleberries exclusive drop

The Dingleberries brand provided members with a unique Dingleberries logo (for Stars) and a Chakaberry sticker (for Kings)

10/15/2020 – Upland Comics

Upland Comics provided an exclusive comic cover in two variations

10/17/2020 – CryptomonKeys exclusive drop

The popular CryptomonKeys collection provided an exclusive Supermonkey card to both Stars and Kings.

10/18/2020 – Original art from Joel Comm

Originally painted over 25 years as inspired by Bob Ross, both Stars and Kings received a new motion version of landscape artwork in any of nine variations.

10/19/2020 – Bitcoin Origins exclusive artist sketch cards

The Bitcoin Origins team provided Nifty Box Kings with a unique artist sketch card of moment #1, Rebellion. And 10 artist sketch Death cards were randomly dropped to Stars and Kings.

10/21/2020 – Tokenhead exclusive drops

The awesome Tokenhead app just released to the general public. And to commemorate the release, Nifty Box members received mascot Max in a token dropped in SIX different variations.

10/22/2020 – Vintage Travel Posters

The Classic Collectibles series offered 23 unique vintage travel posters randomly to Stars and Kings. Each of the posters was limited to 10 mints.

10/23/2020 – Niftycards exclusive promo card

Niftycards provided Kings with a unique promotional card from collection 1

10/24/2020 – Upland Fanart

Stars and Kings received a variation of Upland Uncovered

10/25/2020 – Finally Aligned Podcast

The world’s first tokenized podcast released episode #5 to every member, along with unique badges for owners of previous episodes.

10/26/2020 – Classic Collectibles’ Comic Book covers

Kings received one of ten Classic Collectibles vintage comic book covers (10 mint each)

10/27/2020 – Monster Letters exclusive drop

Stars and Kings received an exclusive card from Monster Letters. Stars received Slime variation (250 minted) and Kings received Electric variation (100 minted).

10/28/2020 – Satoshi spooky version

2Cryptoking creates unique and original Satoshi variations. Kings received either one of two variations (minted as 95 and 5)

10/29/2020 – Halloween Treats

A variety of 24 halloween treats were minted in quantity of 10 and dropped randomly to all Stars and Kings.

10/29/2020 – Voodoo Dolls

A variety of 6 voodoo dolls in increasing rarity were dropped to King members.

10/31/2020 – VanCity Outbreak drop

Every member received a VanCity Outbreak Survival drop. Acting in the same way as The Nifty Box, holders of the Survival drop received a number of random drops from the innovative comic book collection within 24 hours.

25 random members received an exclusive sticker as well!

10/31/2020 – Halloween Candy

Kings received one of 7 candy treats (15 mints of each)

10/31/2020 – Halloween Costumes

King and Star members received an extra Halloween surprise featuring one of 10 fun costumes (25 mints of each)