Do you wish to partner with the WAX Nifty Box? Opportunities may include promotion via the official WAX blog, WAX social channels, website and official WAX Nifty Box social channels. We’ve got multiple ways for you to join with us.

How would you like to be involved?

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Partner Guidelines

The following criteria are strongly recommended to prospective partners:
– Your project allows signin with WAX Cloud Wallet
– Your team is primarily not anonymous
– If your project is a game, the game is already accessible to users

In exchange for the exceptional marketing opportunity offered to you via a combination of WAX, AtomicHub, and The Nifty Company, we’re seeking value for our members.
– Your project should be prepared to yield a flexible number of assets between 1000-2500 – for example, if The Nifty Box sale period concludes with 1700 members, we would need 1700 assets.
– The assets dropped should be of real utility to members. Members aren’t seeking to collect pure media.
– The value of assets you intend to drop to users will be evaluated on a collection-by-collection basis: consider what you could supply to users that would convince them to sign up with your project and play!
– You will be asked to provide some promotion leading up to the Nifty Box sale on Feburary 15th.

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