In September 2020, the team behind Blockchain Heroes and The Bad Crypto Podcast premiered the world’s first NFT subscription box. The Nifty Box created 280 members that dropped NFTs to wallets for fifteen months. Packs, collectibles, artwork and more rained down for those who purchased memberships.

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WAX Nifty Box

Membership Perks

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How It Works & Terms of Service

By holding a Nifty Box membership NFT, you are automatically entitled to receive non-fungible tokens in your WAX wallet for the duration of the membership period, which ends December 31, 2021. You don’t have to do anything other than hold this NFT in your WAX wallet. Unlike other subscription boxes, NFTs will arrive on sporadic days when you least expect it! NFTs can include collectible cards, stickers, badges, artwork, redeemable goods and more. 

The membership card NFT is transferable, but only the wallet holding it at any given time is eligible to receive NFTs. Some NFTs may be redeemable for physical goods or services. Once a wallet has received a redeemable NFT it is transferable as well. However, once a redeemable NFT is redeemed for a physical product, a new owner will not be eligible to receive the same redeemable NFT.

Some NFTs delivered during the term of this membership may not be transferable, acting as badges or milestones for holding the membership.

There is no warranty of monetary value implied with either the membership card NFT or NFTs delivered during the term of the membership. This service is for entertainment purposes only.



Digital Collections

about Us

We are the world's first subscription box for digital collectibles and NFTs. 

Founded by Joel Comm & Travis Wright of The Bad Crypto Podcast and The Nifty Show. 


Each month, you'll get an airdrop of NFTs from various brands, IP, and of course, Blockchain Heroes.

Minted on the WAX Blockchain.